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Latest Ionogram from Real-Time Analysis

Note: The ionogram image above is updated automatically.

Dynasonde is an advanced technique of ionospheric radio sounding, the only existing one that fully implements the phase-based methods of radio measurements. The dynasonde setup in Boulder, Colorado is a complex of the newest Scion HF Radar ("VIPIR") and the data processing software Dynasonde Software Suite 2014 including its 3-D plasma density inversion procedure NeXtYZ.

Wallops Site Panorama

Using this page you can watch the current state of the ionosphere over Boulder, CO. Comparison of the ionogram date and time with the current date and time shown above allows one to judge about an operational state of the system. To get a full access to the present and past data analysis results you need to type in your User Name and Password in the fields on the top of this page and to click the "Enter" button. To obtain the account information please send an enquiry to Dr. Nikolay Zabotin.

BD840: Graphical display of the last 24 hours results

Other Participating Stations:

SJJ18 66° 8' 57.29" W 18° 6' 42.55" N           Real Time
WI937 75°28'42.14" W 37°56'11.04" N          Real Time